Roulette Strategy to Win

Since the time of its inception, the game of roulette has always been analysed and subjected to various theories related to strategies which can be used to beat this game.  The game in itself is quite a simple one and does not require any type of special qualities from a player in order to participate.

 If we compare it to the other casino games, one can say that roulette also has a potential to reward huge amounts of money to its players.

Players have been trying their best to devise a winning strategy which can be used to take out the quotient of luck from this game, but till now none of this had happened.

Is There a Roulette Strategy For 100% Win?

There are many roulette strategies and theories written in books and available on websites that claim to have discovered a system to win at this game.  Now, the question which arises is whether these claims are tried and tested? Even with the claims made by these writers, we cannot be of sure about them or their outcomes.  The first thing which should be kept in mind is that casinos are not in the business of giving away their money. 

All the games provided by them have an edge in their favour, so does the game of roulette.  These gaming operators will only allow you to participate in games that have potential to make money from them.  Even if you beat them on some spins, be assured that in the end, the house edge always favours the casino to win.

Roulette Strategy to Increase Chances of Winning

Even though there are no sure shot ways to always win in the game of roulette, but there are some strategies which can be used to increase chances of favourable returns.  The game of roulette hinges upon the luck and element of a chance for the player.

Once the roulette wheel is in action, nobody can predict what will be the end result of the spin will be.  

No amount of statistics or probability calculation can help you to predict the next slot in which the ball will roll down.  On the other hand, there are some strategies which do have the ability to improve your chances by avoiding certain mistakes and to help you make decisions with positive outcomes.

Types of Roulette Strategies

Due to the availability of the multiple strategies related to this game, it is appropriate to categorize them in two parts.   These two categories of strategies can be classified as the ones

  • That deal with bet progression.
  • In which the bet remains the same.

Strategies with Bet Progression

These types of strategies generally use the thumb rule of increasing or decreasing the size of the bets depending upon the outcome of the game.   The Martingale System is the most popular example of progressive betting strategies and one of the best roulette systems.  In this system a player doubles his bet with each loss. 

The popularity of this system can be attributed to its simplicity and straightforwardness.  On the other hand there is another system called the Paroli System which is quite opposite to the former.  

This method involves doubling the bet amount with each win.  This theory relies on the assumption that by doing so a player can play against the casino with its own money.

Strategies with Same Bets

The same bet or non-progressive strategies mandate that the player keeps the size of the bets same throughout the course of the game or changes it according to his requirements.  The most popular system related to this strategy is James Bond system. 

This system allows a player to cover more than half of the bets on the table, thus creating an edge in his favour.  The other method used by roulette players is to split their intended bets into five parts and betting upon the number which lies next to each other on the wheel. 

The logic behind this move relates to the fact that by doing so you have multiple choices for a winning scenario even if the ball misses your intended winning number.      

How to Win at Roulette

The main concern for the veterans as well as the novices in the world of roulette is how to win in roulette table. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are playing roulette online or at a land based casino, nobody wants to lose money.  Each individual player can vouch for his or her own best way to play roulette but as usual these theories are not sure shot methods to be successful on every occasion. 

So if you are looking out for how to win roulette every time then your search can be a bit futile.

Throughout the long history of roulette, players have opted for different types of betting methods, roulette tricks and complicated betting systems but surprisingly none of these strategies were able bring much success to them.  

The main reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the house edge of this game does not allow any casino roulette strategy to be hundred percent successful. 

How to Win at Roulette: 7 Ways

Rather than opting for the theories related to how to play roulette and win all the time you should rather concentrate on the first part.   Once you are completely sure of yourself only then you can opt for wheel and betting strategies to maximize the returns from this game. 

While opting for any of such strategies it should be kept in mind that best way to win at roulette comprises of cutting your losses and playing sensibly rather than searching for roulette strategy to win all of the time.

So the right question should be how to play roulette and win rather than losing all of your money while pursuing different betting systems. 

By Opting For the Games with Surrender Option

This type of option also known as “even money bet” provides the player a chance to minimize their losses.  While opting for such option in American roulette you can cut down the house edge from 5.26 to 2.63.  There is other option called “En Prison” in European roulette which decreases the house edge to 1.35 from 2.70 percent.

By Opting for European Roulette

There is huge difference of house edge between European and American roulette.  The roulette wheel in the former uses a single zero while the latter uses a double zero wheel.  The house edge of European roulette stands at 2.70 percent while that of American roulette is of 5.26 percent.

By Creating a Roulette Specific Account

You can open a bank account dedicated to your favourite past time.  This account should receive money which can be used for gaming purpose only.  By adding weekly or monthly money into account will create a modest bankroll which can help you take benefit of a lucky streak.  On the other hand if you have bad luck then it will not have an impact on your daily budget.

By Playing Leisurely

Roulette is designed in a way that a player can really enjoy it. So when you opt to play this game then do not rush out with the bets and play it in a relaxed way.  This will help you to take make right choices through the course of the game thus minimizing negative outcomes.

By Managing Your Bankroll

Always bet with the amount which you can afford.  It is better to be safe rather than losing all of your money while trying to act as a big roller.  Make bets based on the amount of money you have in your roulette specific bank account rather than playing with your monthly family budget.

By Avoiding Biased Roulette Wheels

With the modern day technology it is quite impossible to have biased roulette wheels in the casinos.  To make sure that the game in which you are going to participate does not have one, watch out for few outcomes.  Only participate when you are quite sure that there is no hanky-panky with the wheel.

By Sitting Out of Some Games

It is a known fact that more you play, it is more better for the gaming provider. This is due to the casino edge which directly works against the player.  So if you sit out of some games, then this automatically have an impact on the house edge.  This also helps the player to make right decisions.

Double Ball Roulette

With the ever raising popularity of roulette, now casinos are in competition with each other to provide the next most popular variant of this game. There are many different types of live roulette and some of them are very popular!

One of such popular versions is double ball roulette.  This variation is just like the traditional roulette and is played by using an American roulette wheel with double zeros.  As the name implies the only difference between double ball roulette and regular roulette is inclusion of two balls instead of one.

What is Double Ball Roulette

Double ball roulette can be played by using any of the single ball 32 inch roulette wheel.  This version uses Layover System which makes it suitable for all types of roulette wheels with the above mentioned size. 

Apart from the availability of this game at land based casinos, there are also many online casinos which are providing the online version of this game.  

The online double roulette uses Felt Software.  This gaming software allows the casinos to even use a French or European roulette wheel to play double ball roulette.

Collision of Balls in Double Ball Roulette

The first thing which comes to mind of a player when double ball roulette is discussed is what happens when the two balls collide with each other?   However odd it seems to be, but chances of something like this happening are near to zero. 

Both of the balls are simultaneously shot out of a tube using compressed air.  The balls are spaced in such a way that both of them spin at the same time on the roulette wheel but the second ball always follows the first one without any chance of a collision.

Both Balls Falling In the Same Pocket

The other big worry or query regarding double ball roulette is what happens when both ball lands in the same pocket of the roulette wheel?  The answer to this question is that after completing several tests by experts it is estimated that the chances of such a probability is 1/38. 

This version of roulette can be said to be closely related to American roulette which uses 38 divisions or pockets.  The betting used in this version is almost same to that of the regular roulette.

The 2 balls and the different odds of this game makes it much harder to apply any roulette systems.

Rules for Double Ball Roulette

As mentioned earlier this game is usually played by using American roulette wheel.  The rules are a bit different from the standard version and include the following.

  • Double ball roulette can be played by using either an American roulette wheel or a European/French roulette wheel.
  • The layout of the roulette table is same like that of regular roulette table.
  • Two balls get simultaneously shot by using compressed air through a pipe.
  • In order to win an outside bet both balls must land on the related option. For example, while betting on black, landing both balls on black numbers is required.
  • In order to win an inside bet one of the balls must be successful. If both balls have a successful outcome, then the player can claim both wins.
  • To win “Double Ball Jackpot” both balls must land on the selected betting choice.

Understanding the Roulette House Edge

Like any other successful business, casinos also require profits and house edge is one of the sources of their income.  House edge or house advantage can be defined as predetermined percentage of odds that every casino game provides in favor of the establishment providing such services. 

In some games the house edge may be quite small while some are clearly loaded in the favor of casinos.  Even the games which have insignificant house edge have the ability to slowly consume money from their players.

Some games like craps on the other hand has a huge range of house edge ranging from measly one percent to more than fifteen percent.  Roulette meanwhile can be considered as one of the low house edge casino games.  Depending upon the type of roulette you are indulging in, house edge can vary there too! 

There are many roulette systems which can be used to take advantage in the game, but in the end it is the casino which remains in the profit.

Casino House Edge on different types of roulette

House Edge in French or European Roulette

If we compare the house edge between French or American roulette then it is certainly less in the former.  This can be attributed to the fact that the French roulette wheel comes with only one zero slot.  This means that there are 37 possible numbers on which a player can bet upon.  

While betting on one of these numbers, a player has odds of 35 to 1.  Or in other words we can say that probability of winning by betting on a single number stands 1/37.  If a player wins the bet on one number than the casino pays him 35 units plus the betting amount he had placed.

  The house edge in French roulette normally stands at 2.70 percent.

House Edge in American Roulette

For a beginner, American version of roulette can appear just like that of the French or European one.  It has the same name, same set of number and bet choices.  The only difference lies in the roulette wheel used in the American Roulette. 

This wheel comes with 0 and 00 slots instead of single zero in European roulette.    This helps in creating a house edge of 5.26 percent in favour of the casino!  If you opt for a Sucker bet involving five numbers which are 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3 then the probability of hitting a win comes at 5/38. 

The odds for the casinos now stand at 6/1 and odds against the player stand at 33/5. In simple words this means that house edge for casino in this bet stands at 7.89 percent.

House Edge in the Roulette Side Bets

The bets in the game of roulette can be divided in two main groups consisting of outside and inside bets.  The names of these bets are derived from the position of these bets on the roulette table.

In comparison, the outer bets have higher chances of getting a hit but the payout is small.  While the inside bets have less probability of getting hit but provide much bigger pay offs. 

The odds and payouts of some of these bets in European and American Roulette provide the following percentage to the players.

  • Betting on any of the numbers has a payout of 35 to 1; odds of 2.70 percent in European and odds of 2.60 in American Roulette.
  • Betting on a two number combination has a payout of 17 to 1; odds of 5.40 percent in European and odds of 5.30 in American Roulette.
  • Betting on a three number combination has a payout of 11 to 1; odds of 8.10 percent in European and odds of 7.90 in American Roulette.
  • Betting on a four number combination has a payout of 8 to 1; odds of 10.8 percent in European and odds of 10.50 in American Roulette.
  • Betting on a column has a payout of 2 to 1; odds of 32.40 percent in European and odds of 31.60 in American Roulette.
  • Betting on dozen has a payout of 2 to 1; odds of 32.40 percent in European and odds of 31.60 in American Roulette.
  • Betting on Even/Odd has a payout of 1 to 1; odds of 48.60 percent in European and odds of 47.40 in American Roulette.
  • Betting on Red/Black has a payout of 1 to 1; odds of 48.60 percent in European and odds of 47.40 in American Roulette.
  • Betting on Low/High has a payout of 1 to 1; odds of 48.60 percent in European and odds of 47.40 in American Roulette.

Roulette Glossary











Even though Roulette is a very simple game to play but even then most of the beginners tend to get confuse with the terms used in this game.  Knowledge of roulette glossary plays an important role as some terms are extensively used thus making it worthwhile to know about them.  The main reason behind the confusion in relation to the roulette glossary can be attributed to the origin of this game.  As this game was invented in France, there are still many terms which are in French language.

With the help of the immigrants from French colonies, game of Roulette reached the shores of America.  This led to the addition of some new terms along with an additional double zero on the wheel thus giving birth to an Americanized version of roulette.  Even today both French and English terms are equally used.  Some of the most commonly used terms in roulette glossary are explained below.

A Cheva:  This is a French term used for split betting.

Action:  The amount of wager made during a specific period of time in the game.

American Roulette:  The type of Roulette widely played in North and South America.  The roulette wheel in this version comes with 38 slots.  The wheel includes both 0 and 00.

Backtrack:  The outer rim of this roulette wheel where the ball rolls.

Ball:  It is a small spherical object used in the game of roulette.  This ball spins on the roulette wheel and then lands in one of the numbered slots.

Bankroll:  The amount of money intended to be used in the game.

Bet On the Layout:  Inside bet made on numbered parts of the roulette table.

Carr’:  It is a French term used for corner bet.

Cheval:  It is a French term used for split bet.

Colonne:  It is a French term used for a column bet.

Column Bet:  A bet covering all twelve numbers on the outside of board such as 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36.

Combination Bet:  A single bet which covers more than one number on the roulette table.

Corner Bet:  A bet made on the four numbers intersecting with each other.  This bet is a form of inside bet.

Croupier:  The person who is responsible for operating the roulette wheel and taking care of the game.

Double Zero Wheel:  A type of wheel used in American roulette.

Dozen Bet:  Another term used for Column bet.

En Plein: French term used for straight up bet.

En Prison Rule:  This rule is used for even money bet involving imprisonment of the bet for another spin if the ball lands into the zero numbered pocket. If ball again lands into the zero slot in the next spin, player forfeits his or her bet.

European Wheel:  The roulette wheel used in French or European Roulette.  This wheel only has one zero slot.

Even Money:  This type of bets pays in 1:1.

Even Odd Bet:  This is a form of outside bet and covers eighteen of the even or odd numbers provided on the roulette table.

La Partage Rule:  This is a type of even money bet.  In this form of bet if the ball lands on the zero slot, then the player tends to lose half of the bet amount instead of the whole bet.

History of Roulette

Roulette is considered to be one of the most popular wagering games for both online and land based casinos.  Even though it is one of the oldest casino games, yet the people’s attraction for this game does not seem to have taken a dive but on the contrary more and more players are enjoying playing Roulette.  In order to understand how Roulette became so popular and an essential part of gambling, one must go through the history of roulette to explore its origin and propagation all over the globe.  However, there are many theories and evidences related to ancient civilizations as well as modern times that relate to this game.   In order to learn more about the history of roulette, let us go through some of the curious cases related to this subject.

Role of Ancient Chinese Civilization

Many historians believe that the game of Roulette goes back to ancient Chinese civilization when it was played in the form of a board game which required arranging thirty seven different animal figurines.  This game involved a spinning wheel made up of stone which had animal figures instead of numeric symbols.  The most interesting thing related with this theory is that the middle of the spinning wheel had number 666 written over it.  This is the same number which we get by adding up the total numbers on a modern roulette wheel!

It is alleged that Dominican monks changed the animal figurines of the Chinese game with numeric numbers and propagated the new version throughout the Europe.

Roulette’s Roman Connection

Not only Chinese but Romans were also spinning the roulette wheel even when they were marching on to create the mighty Roman Empire.  Instead of using a stone wheel and a board with animal symbols, they opted for a simpler version that involved a shield and an arrow, which seems to be quite convenient as per their situation.

The game was played by drawing certain symbols inside the shield and then an arrow was placed next to it with its head pointing at the shield.  The soldiers made wagers on those symbols which they thought would stop at the head of the arrow.  Shield was made to rotate and the person whose symbol stopped at the arrow’s head was declared the winner.

All the Credit Goes to French

As the word Roulette is derived from the French language, so majority of the historians give credit of its birth to France.  The word “Roulette” literally means a little wheel.  Though the credit of invention of the French roulette, which is now a part of the three types of modern roulette, goes to Blaise Pascal but there are some instances that relate this game to already existing game of that era called “Roly Poly”.

Both Roulette and Roly Poly share a similarity in the form of a spinning wheel for the outcome of their results.  Blaise Pascal being an inveterate gambler was quite privy to this knowledge and he used it while designing his roulette wheel!

Roulette Goes International

In 1842, when gambling was declared illegal in France two young entrepreneurs named Francois and Louis Blanc decided to provide their services to casinos operating in other countries.  They were hired by the owner of the famous Monte Carlo casino for their expertise in gambling. They not only made roulette a part of the gambling circles but also attributed some changes which made it more worthwhile for the casinos.

French refugees also helped in expansion of this game as they brought it to their adopted countries across the world especially in the Asian and African colonies under their rule.  It is also attributed that Roulette reached shores of United States via these immigrants.  The initial version which was adopted by American casinos was the French one which only had one zero on its roulette wheel.  As the casino operators wanted more advantage in their own favour so they decided to create an Americanized version of this game which had an added double zero.

Roulette in Today’s Modern World

Today Roulette and its variants are an integral part of the online and land based casino games.  With the availability of the online version, a new trend has been seen in the rising popularity of this game as lots and lots of people are now enjoying Roulette.  Even though Roulette is a game of pure chance and luck but there are many theories and strategies which can help a player to have a better edge.  The ancient Chinese and Greeks enjoyed the excitement related to this game and this is the right time that you should share it too.