Roulette Tricks and Tips

A wise man once said that nobody can win in the game of roulette unless he or she can steal money from the table while the croupier is preoccupied with something else.  The first part of this statement can be taken with a pinch of salt while the last part is totally impossible.  In contrast to this statement, there are many articles which deal with roulette tricks and tips

Most of these articles are written by authors who have extensively used different types of roulette systems to learn roulette tricks and tips to win.  It must be noted that to win all the time in a game of roulette is totally impossible. 

The only one thing which can be learnt from these articles is the tricks to play roulette which can help you to cut down your losses.

If you are reading this article then you may have only two questions on your mind which include best roulette tricks to win and how to win roulette every time? 

As far as the first question is concerned there are certain casino roulette tips and tricks which can be used to make sessions of roulette worthwhile.  Insofar as second question is concerned there are no roulette game tricks which can help you to attain such an optimistic goal.  

 In order to perfect your roulette strategy to win you can consider some of such European roulette tricks.

European roulette tricks

Betting on the Colour

The safest bet for a beginner is to bet upon a colour.  The two options of red and black provide fifty percent chances of hitting a win. This probability is even more than the standard RTP of the game itself.  While opting for such option you can start with a small bet and if you are successful then you can use the win money to bet further on this betting option.

Starting with a Small Bet

The least amount which you can use to bet upon can be as low as one pound.  If you are opting for a bet upon the colours then you can start with three to five pounds as this betting option decreases the casino edge.  If you win the first bet then you can take out the original bet money and keep on betting with the winning amount.  If you start losing the original bet money then you can cut your losses and leave the game.

Opting for Outside Bets

Most of the veteran players opt for the outside bets provided in the game of roulette.  The reason behind this choice can be attributed to the fact that lower the size of the odds, there are more chances to win.  While opting for such bets you can make two wagers on 2 to 1 column.  This will allow you to cover 12 numbers in each of the two columns.  Opting for this option over High or low numbers bets improvise your chances by thirty three percent.

Considering the Roulette Wheel Layout

The layout of the roulette wheel plays a very important role in how to play roulette and win.  The best option while considering the roulette wheel is to opt for the European wheel.

The main difference between the European and the American roulette wheel is the presence of double zero on the latter. 

This small change in the wheel doubles up the casino edge.  It is an established fact that a player tends to loses at the rate of 2.7 percent on a European wheel as compared to 5.26 percent on an American wheel.

Keeping Record of the Bets

If you intend to play for a long period of time, it is advised that you should try to make a record of all the outcomes on that particular roulette table.  

This will allow you to take in account the numbers, colours and the hits made on that table while making your bet.  By keeping such a record, you can not only track your previous game record but you can also predict the number and the colour for next game up to a certain level.