Roulette Strategy to Win

Since the time of its inception, the game of roulette has always been analysed and subjected to various theories related to strategies which can be used to beat this game.  The game in itself is quite a simple one and does not require any type of special qualities from a player in order to participate.

 If we compare it to the other casino games, one can say that roulette also has a potential to reward huge amounts of money to its players.

Players have been trying their best to devise a winning strategy which can be used to take out the quotient of luck from this game, but till now none of this had happened.

Is There a Roulette Strategy For 100% Win?

There are many roulette strategies and theories written in books and available on websites that claim to have discovered a system to win at this game.  Now, the question which arises is whether these claims are tried and tested? Even with the claims made by these writers, we cannot be of sure about them or their outcomes.  The first thing which should be kept in mind is that casinos are not in the business of giving away their money. 

All the games provided by them have an edge in their favour, so does the game of roulette.  These gaming operators will only allow you to participate in games that have potential to make money from them.  Even if you beat them on some spins, be assured that in the end, the house edge always favours the casino to win.

Roulette Strategy to Increase Chances of Winning

Even though there are no sure shot ways to always win in the game of roulette, but there are some strategies which can be used to increase chances of favourable returns.  The game of roulette hinges upon the luck and element of a chance for the player.

Once the roulette wheel is in action, nobody can predict what will be the end result of the spin will be.  

No amount of statistics or probability calculation can help you to predict the next slot in which the ball will roll down.  On the other hand, there are some strategies which do have the ability to improve your chances by avoiding certain mistakes and to help you make decisions with positive outcomes.

Types of Roulette Strategies

Due to the availability of the multiple strategies related to this game, it is appropriate to categorize them in two parts.   These two categories of strategies can be classified as the ones

  • That deal with bet progression.
  • In which the bet remains the same.

Strategies with Bet Progression

These types of strategies generally use the thumb rule of increasing or decreasing the size of the bets depending upon the outcome of the game.   The Martingale System is the most popular example of progressive betting strategies and one of the best roulette systems.  In this system a player doubles his bet with each loss. 

The popularity of this system can be attributed to its simplicity and straightforwardness.  On the other hand there is another system called the Paroli System which is quite opposite to the former.  

This method involves doubling the bet amount with each win.  This theory relies on the assumption that by doing so a player can play against the casino with its own money.

Strategies with Same Bets

The same bet or non-progressive strategies mandate that the player keeps the size of the bets same throughout the course of the game or changes it according to his requirements.  The most popular system related to this strategy is James Bond system. 

This system allows a player to cover more than half of the bets on the table, thus creating an edge in his favour.  The other method used by roulette players is to split their intended bets into five parts and betting upon the number which lies next to each other on the wheel. 

The logic behind this move relates to the fact that by doing so you have multiple choices for a winning scenario even if the ball misses your intended winning number.