Roulette Wheel Manufacturers

If Poker is the king of card games then Roulette is certainly the queen of casino table games.  This game is a unique combination of odds, chances and a whole amount of luck.  The history of roulette goes back to the beginning of the eighteenth century and the roulette mechanism which we deal with today is a hybrid of the original gaming wheel invented during that period.  There is no major change in this game from the version that was played in 1796.

Today roulette can be differentiated into three categories or types which are as following.

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette

Even with these different types of this game, roulette wheels and balls are somewhat same for all these variants since the inception of the original game.  There are only a handful of roulette wheel manufacturers all over the globe which have the expertise to provide a product which adheres to the quality standards adopted by reputed land based casinos.  In order to better understand the game of roulette one must also be familiar with these roulette wheel manufacturers.

B.C. Wills and Co and Caro

During 1960s there were two companies which were solely responsible for providing quality roulette wheels to casinos.  One of them was B.C. Will and the other one was Caro.  While the former was based in United States the latter operated from France.   B.C. Wills manufactured household furniture along with quality roulette wheels.  Caro on the other hand specifically dealt with wheels designed for French roulette.

The roulette wheels manufactured by both B.C. Wills and Caro have the unique feature of deep pockets for the ball to slide in.

TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd.

TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of roulette wheels along with the other gambling paraphernalia.  This company is in service of its clients since 1979.  Along with style and craftsmanship associated with the product, the roulette wheels manufactured by this company also boast of several in built security features.  TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd. manufactures the most technically advanced roulette wheels.

The built in sensors provided in the roulette wheels, manufactured by this company, help in the diagnostics and collection of reports associated with winning numbers.  The “Drop Zone Detection” feature in its products collects non-random results and helps in detecting drop zone bias created due to inaccurate balancing, table movement and manipulation of the wheel.


More than eighty percent of the roulette wheels procured by casinos from all over the globe are supplied by Cammegh.  The roulette wheel manufactured by this company fulfils all the three requirements which are quality, security and integrity for being a perfect roulette wheel.

The assembly of roulette wheels include specialized “Scallop” separator rings and reader heads.  The bearings used in the wheels are made up of high tensile steel.  These bearings are machined and grounded to provide finest precision tolerance.

The quality of these components of roulette wheel is so high that they do not require any lubrication or maintenance.  Instead of getting corroded over a certain period of time, these roulette wheels start giving more improved spins with age thus making them more efficient and worthwhile.