Biggest Roulette Wins in the History – The people who broke the bank

It is not a big secret that all the casinos have a house edge in the game of roulette as they have in the other gambling options or games.

If compared to some games, the house edge for roulette is quite low which makes it quite possible for a player to hit a jackpot.

There is nothing in this game which can suggest that you cannot win big.  The casinos may have long term advantage, but this did not hamper some players to become biggest roulette winners of all time.

Whether or not they were playing with a roulette betting system didn’t matter for theme so much


Biggest Roulette Wins in the History

There were players who had the luck to beat the odds and got rewarded with astronomical sums of monies.  Through the course of history there are many players who became biggest roulette winners of all time.  In this article we will go through some of the fortunate players who were able to beat the odds and were rewarded for their daring decisions.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell made one of the biggest decisions of his life in 2004 when he decided to sell all his assets to create a bankroll of $135,500. When we say all his assets, it literally means that.   He sold everything he owned from his clothes to his house.  Without any other savings except for his gambling fund, Ashley Revell decided to visit Las Vegas and bet the whole amount on red at the game of roulette.

One of the television channels from United Kingdom, Sky One, took cognizance of his audacious plans and decided to create a mini television series out of this event.  On the big day, Ashley Revell wagered $135,500 on red while millions of people watched him from all over the world.  The result was totally unexpected, the ball after making a few bounces finally rested on red 7.  In a single spin of the wheel, Ashley Revell doubled his net worth and won $135,500.

Charles Wells

Charles Wells is presumably the first player to hit big on a roulette wheel.  This gentleman won more than one million francs at the Monte Carlo in 1891.  It is rumoured that he returned to try his luck again and then won another million francs.  It is mentioned in the gambling chronicles that during one of his lucky runs he was able to win 23 out of 30 subsequent spins.  Even after winning such huge sums at that time, he lived the end of his life in penury.

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley is a well known name in the United Kingdom.  He is a billionaire entrepreneur and the owner of Newcastle United Football Club.  It was reported in media that in 2008 he visited Mayfair casino and decided to wager a complex roulette bet comprising of half a million pounds.

Mike Ashley won £1.3 million in just fifteen minutes.  It was reported that he made a “Complete” bet which included betting on every combination including his lucky number 17.  He betted on a ball falling on the 17 number, falling on black, falling on an odd number and any number between one to eighteen.

Joseph Jaggers

It was in the year 1873, when an English gentleman named Joseph Jaggers broke the bank of Monte Carlo casino.  By profession a mechanic and an engineer, he presumed that roulette wheels cannot be perfectly balanced.

With these thoughts in his mind he hired six clerks from the Monte Carlo casino to record every number landed through the course of a working day.  Once he got his numbers, he searched them to find certain patterns.  He found what he was looking for and visited the casino the following day.

On his first day he made about $70,000 and by the end of the fourth day he further added $300,000 to his wins.  Casino became aware of the anomaly in their system and got rid of the wheel frequented by Joseph Jaggers.  As expected, Joseph Jaggers lost some of his winnings and capitulating to the inevitable, escaped with more than $325,000 still in his pocket.

5 Tips for Roulette (Beginners)

Roulette statsEven if you have just started taking interest in playing roulette, chances are that you can be quite familiar with this game.  This can be contributed to the fact that roulette is one of the top ranking casino games played by people from all over the world.

The first thing which comes to the mind while one starts thinking about this game is a spinning roulette wheel with a ball ready to drop into one of its niches.

The game of roulette is quite simple to play. The game play involves picking a number, colour or combination on the roulette table depicting where the spinning ball will land on the wheel.  Roulette can be classified into three types which include:

  • European roulette
  • French roulette
  • American roulette

European roulette is considered to be the most popular version of this game and is opted by majority of the new players.  In order to make your gaming session more profitable we will go through some of the tips recommended for this game. These are not tips that will guarantee you a win of course. As we have explained in numerous occasions on this site, there is not system or strategy i roulette that can guarantee a win. All we can make sure is that we maximise our chances of winning by reducing the house edge to the minimum.

So the roulette tips for beginners we provide you on this page are just a great way to maximise your chances of winning!

5 Tips for Roulette Beginners

Considering the Roulette Wheel

While opting for any form of roulette, always keep in mind that there are two different types of wheels used in this game.  The European version comes with 37 slots with numbers ranging from zero to thirty six.  The American wheel on the other hand has 38 slots with an extra slot designating a double zero.

Extra slots on the wheel increase the house edge from a usual of 2.63 to 5.26.  In order to increase your chances to win more frequently always choose the former.

Minimum and Maximum Bet for Roulette

Each roulette game in a casino has its own minimum and maximum bet.  A player cannot combine the inside and the outside bet to reach the minimum required bet.  For example if the minimum bet is set up at £5, then you cannot bet £3 on the outer betting area and £2 on the inner betting area of the roulette table.

In order to avoid any sort of embarrassment it is advised that you should first confirm the minimum and maximum betting amount before participating in the game.

Playing Few Spins on a Free Roulette Table

Before placing any bets, keep in mind that you are playing this game to win some money not to lose all you have.  Even before planning to place the bets, you should go through few spins provided at the free table.

This will help you to understand the working of the game and to remove any of the doubts in your mind.  Once you are confident enough to play with real money only then opt to place your bets.

Opting for Roulette Tables with Least Players

You should only choose roulette table with least number of players.  In other words opt for the one which is not crowded.  The reason behind this tip can be attributed to the fact that dealer is required to payout all the wins before each new spin.

If there are too many players, it can take considerable time to do that and the number of games you can play in limited time period gets decreased.

Checking the Roulette Wheel

Check the roulette wheel before participating in the game.  In order to check whether the wheel is biased or there is some anomaly, spin the wheel a few times.  Once you are satisfied with the working of the wheel then you can join it.

This precaution becomes more important, as in some cases a wheel tends to give more odd numbers as compared to the even ones or the other way round.  This can help you to make appropriate betting decision based on the movement of the wheel.