Most Popular Roulette Types Online

Before the advent of online gaming, players were forced to visit their local casinos to participate in their favorite variant of roulette.  In 90s everything related to gambling take a huge somersault when online casinos and gaming sites started providing their services. 

ven though the land based casinos have a charm of their own, but the variety of games available there have a limit.  On the other hand online casinos provide different variants of games which are not generally available.

The choice of betting amounts also makes online gaming more suitable for all types of players.  You can bet from a small amount to thousands of Pounds.  With the advancement of technology, today roulette can be played from the privacy of your home.

The 4 most Popular Roulette Types Online

Today there are more than expected variants of this game and game play still remains the same.  Some of the most popular roulette types which are available online include the following.

French or European Roulette

This type of roulette is not easily available at online casinos, but it is the best choice for the beginners.   French or European roulette is the original game with a single zero provided on the roulette wheel.  This increases the chances of hitting a win for the players.  The number on the roulette wheel ranges from 1 to 36.  This type of roulette comes with the least house edge of up to 2.7%.  You can also opt for additional bet calls and can make “Four Bet” on four numbers.  The outside bets in European roulette pays out 2:1 and even money of 1:1.  The inside bets provides 5:1 and ranges up to 35:1. Ideal to apply some of the best roulette betting systems.

American Roulette

This is the Americanized version of the classic roulette.  The major difference involves the presence of an extra “00” on the roulette wheel.    The number on the wheel ranges from 1 to 36.  Along with a double zero slot there is also a single zero slot.  This variant of roulette comes with a house edge of 5.26%.  Players of this game can opt for placing five bets on five numbers and additional Zero split.  The outside bets in American roulette pays out 2:1 and even money of 1:1.  The inside bets provides 5:1 and ranges up to 35:1.

No Zero Roulette

This is probably the greatest innovation in the creation of a variant.  This game, as the name suggests, does not have any zero on the roulette wheel.   The elimination of zero decreases the house edge to the minimal.  The number on the wheel ranges from 1 to 36.  The betting choices provided in this type of roulette are quite similar to the original game.

Multi Ball Roulette

This type of roulette is the best choice for the players who do not have much time to play.   This game involves playing with up to three balls instead of a single one as in the classic version.  All of three balls are played simultaneously thus providing the player with multiple betting choices. Double ball roulette also falls in this category ( played with 2 balls)

The rules and betting options in this variant remains the same as in the European or French roulette.   In multi-ball roulette, a player can opt for the number of the balls he or she wants to bet upon.