Double Ball Roulette

With the ever raising popularity of roulette, now casinos are in competition with each other to provide the next most popular variant of this game. There are many different types of live roulette and some of them are very popular!

One of such popular versions is double ball roulette.  This variation is just like the traditional roulette and is played by using an American roulette wheel with double zeros.  As the name implies the only difference between double ball roulette and regular roulette is inclusion of two balls instead of one.

What is Double Ball Roulette

Double ball roulette can be played by using any of the single ball 32 inch roulette wheel.  This version uses Layover System which makes it suitable for all types of roulette wheels with the above mentioned size. 

Apart from the availability of this game at land based casinos, there are also many online casinos which are providing the online version of this game.  

The online double roulette uses Felt Software.  This gaming software allows the casinos to even use a French or European roulette wheel to play double ball roulette.

Collision of Balls in Double Ball Roulette

The first thing which comes to mind of a player when double ball roulette is discussed is what happens when the two balls collide with each other?   However odd it seems to be, but chances of something like this happening are near to zero. 

Both of the balls are simultaneously shot out of a tube using compressed air.  The balls are spaced in such a way that both of them spin at the same time on the roulette wheel but the second ball always follows the first one without any chance of a collision.

Both Balls Falling In the Same Pocket

The other big worry or query regarding double ball roulette is what happens when both ball lands in the same pocket of the roulette wheel?  The answer to this question is that after completing several tests by experts it is estimated that the chances of such a probability is 1/38. 

This version of roulette can be said to be closely related to American roulette which uses 38 divisions or pockets.  The betting used in this version is almost same to that of the regular roulette.

The 2 balls and the different odds of this game makes it much harder to apply any roulette systems.

Rules for Double Ball Roulette

As mentioned earlier this game is usually played by using American roulette wheel.  The rules are a bit different from the standard version and include the following.

  • Double ball roulette can be played by using either an American roulette wheel or a European/French roulette wheel.
  • The layout of the roulette table is same like that of regular roulette table.
  • Two balls get simultaneously shot by using compressed air through a pipe.
  • In order to win an outside bet both balls must land on the related option. For example, while betting on black, landing both balls on black numbers is required.
  • In order to win an inside bet one of the balls must be successful. If both balls have a successful outcome, then the player can claim both wins.
  • To win “Double Ball Jackpot” both balls must land on the selected betting choice.