Double Ball Roulette

With the ever raising popularity of roulette, now casinos are in competition with each other to provide the next most popular variant of this game. There are many different types of live roulette and some of them are very popular!

One of such popular versions is double ball roulette.  This variation is just like the traditional roulette and is played by using an American roulette wheel with double zeros.  As the name implies the only difference between double ball roulette and regular roulette is inclusion of two balls instead of one.

What is Double Ball Roulette

Double ball roulette can be played by using any of the single ball 32 inch roulette wheel.  This version uses Layover System which makes it suitable for all types of roulette wheels with the above mentioned size. 

Apart from the availability of this game at land based casinos, there are also many online casinos which are providing the online version of this game.  

The online double roulette uses Felt Software.  This gaming software allows the casinos to even use a French or European roulette wheel to play double ball roulette.

Collision of Balls in Double Ball Roulette

The first thing which comes to mind of a player when double ball roulette is discussed is what happens when the two balls collide with each other?   However odd it seems to be, but chances of something like this happening are near to zero. 

Both of the balls are simultaneously shot out of a tube using compressed air.  The balls are spaced in such a way that both of them spin at the same time on the roulette wheel but the second ball always follows the first one without any chance of a collision.

Both Balls Falling In the Same Pocket

The other big worry or query regarding double ball roulette is what happens when both ball lands in the same pocket of the roulette wheel?  The answer to this question is that after completing several tests by experts it is estimated that the chances of such a probability is 1/38. 

This version of roulette can be said to be closely related to American roulette which uses 38 divisions or pockets.  The betting used in this version is almost same to that of the regular roulette.

The 2 balls and the different odds of this game makes it much harder to apply any roulette systems.

Rules for Double Ball Roulette

As mentioned earlier this game is usually played by using American roulette wheel.  The rules are a bit different from the standard version and include the following.

  • Double ball roulette can be played by using either an American roulette wheel or a European/French roulette wheel.
  • The layout of the roulette table is same like that of regular roulette table.
  • Two balls get simultaneously shot by using compressed air through a pipe.
  • In order to win an outside bet both balls must land on the related option. For example, while betting on black, landing both balls on black numbers is required.
  • In order to win an inside bet one of the balls must be successful. If both balls have a successful outcome, then the player can claim both wins.
  • To win “Double Ball Jackpot” both balls must land on the selected betting choice.

Responsible Gambling

Participating in games which involves gambling can be fun filled activities and a good mode of entertainment.  For some people these games can be a disaster just waiting to explode.  If we consider both of the above two statements, it is quite clear that both of these are correct to some limit.  All the games which relates to gambling always have two sides.  One can be of fun filled gaming experience while the other side can lead to compulsive addiction.  This addiction is just like any other addictions related to alcohol and drugs.  The sufferer never feels that he or she requires the help or their obsession is on the brink of becoming a destructive habit.

All players have their own unique personalities, psychological dimensions and family backgrounds so some people may easily get addicted to gambling while other still take it is a part of their daily entertainment routine but nothing serious.  In addition to this we cannot ignore the negative impact of the addictive gambling which has now turned into a universal predicament.

Responsible Gambling

So what is responsible gambling?  This can be defined as set of rules and practices which are not only followed by the players but also supported by gaming commissions and operators.  The sole aim of these rules and regulations is to protect the vulnerable players and avoid underage gambling.  The gaming operators are bound under these laws of best practices to provide best and optimal gaming conditions to their clients.

Responsible gambling is a term which associates both with the players and gambling organizations.  One aspect deals with providing awareness to the players so that they can differentiate between responsible gaming and gambling addiction.  The other aspect relates to the gaming organizations regarding how they must provide safe gaming environment to their clients.  While providing optimal gaming facilities, these organizations or gaming operators must also take care of the following issues.

  • Underage gambling.
  • Protection of vulnerable players.
  • Prevention of money laundering.
  • Prompt and accurate payments.
  • Fair and responsible gaming environment.
  • Ethical marketing practices.

Responsible Gambling Instructions for Players

For some players it can be very hard to follow rules and regulations.  The fascination and traps related to gambling can be very deceptive.  In order to follow responsible gambling players can follow these simple rules.

  • Never expect too much from any of the games. Always invest what you can afford.
  • Always keep a clear head while participating in such games. Taking any type of intoxication and then participating in gambling is a big no-no.
  • Never get mad when you lose and don’t try to cover up your losses by betting heavily.
  • Never take a loss as something personal and never allow the game to get into you.
  • Always adhere to the limits of your bankroll.
  • Embrace your losses and take lessons from them. Nobody is invincible in gambling.
  • Learn when to stop playing.
  • Do not feel ashamed to ask for help.

Even before you realize that your hobby is turning into a serious problem, it is recommended that you should follow the footsteps that lead to responsible gambling.  If you are feeling addicted then it is the right time that you should join a support group or join gamblers anonymous society.

Most Popular Roulette Types Online

Before the advent of online gaming, players were forced to visit their local casinos to participate in their favorite variant of roulette.  In 90s everything related to gambling take a huge somersault when online casinos and gaming sites started providing their services. 

ven though the land based casinos have a charm of their own, but the variety of games available there have a limit.  On the other hand online casinos provide different variants of games which are not generally available.

The choice of betting amounts also makes online gaming more suitable for all types of players.  You can bet from a small amount to thousands of Pounds.  With the advancement of technology, today roulette can be played from the privacy of your home.

The 4 most Popular Roulette Types Online

Today there are more than expected variants of this game and game play still remains the same.  Some of the most popular roulette types which are available online include the following.

French or European Roulette

This type of roulette is not easily available at online casinos, but it is the best choice for the beginners.   French or European roulette is the original game with a single zero provided on the roulette wheel.  This increases the chances of hitting a win for the players.  The number on the roulette wheel ranges from 1 to 36.  This type of roulette comes with the least house edge of up to 2.7%.  You can also opt for additional bet calls and can make “Four Bet” on four numbers.  The outside bets in European roulette pays out 2:1 and even money of 1:1.  The inside bets provides 5:1 and ranges up to 35:1. Ideal to apply some of the best roulette betting systems.

American Roulette

This is the Americanized version of the classic roulette.  The major difference involves the presence of an extra “00” on the roulette wheel.    The number on the wheel ranges from 1 to 36.  Along with a double zero slot there is also a single zero slot.  This variant of roulette comes with a house edge of 5.26%.  Players of this game can opt for placing five bets on five numbers and additional Zero split.  The outside bets in American roulette pays out 2:1 and even money of 1:1.  The inside bets provides 5:1 and ranges up to 35:1.

No Zero Roulette

This is probably the greatest innovation in the creation of a variant.  This game, as the name suggests, does not have any zero on the roulette wheel.   The elimination of zero decreases the house edge to the minimal.  The number on the wheel ranges from 1 to 36.  The betting choices provided in this type of roulette are quite similar to the original game.

Multi Ball Roulette

This type of roulette is the best choice for the players who do not have much time to play.   This game involves playing with up to three balls instead of a single one as in the classic version.  All of three balls are played simultaneously thus providing the player with multiple betting choices. Double ball roulette also falls in this category ( played with 2 balls)

The rules and betting options in this variant remains the same as in the European or French roulette.   In multi-ball roulette, a player can opt for the number of the balls he or she wants to bet upon.

Roulette Glossary











Even though Roulette is a very simple game to play but even then most of the beginners tend to get confuse with the terms used in this game.  Knowledge of roulette glossary plays an important role as some terms are extensively used thus making it worthwhile to know about them.  The main reason behind the confusion in relation to the roulette glossary can be attributed to the origin of this game.  As this game was invented in France, there are still many terms which are in French language.

With the help of the immigrants from French colonies, game of Roulette reached the shores of America.  This led to the addition of some new terms along with an additional double zero on the wheel thus giving birth to an Americanized version of roulette.  Even today both French and English terms are equally used.  Some of the most commonly used terms in roulette glossary are explained below.

A Cheva:  This is a French term used for split betting.

Action:  The amount of wager made during a specific period of time in the game.

American Roulette:  The type of Roulette widely played in North and South America.  The roulette wheel in this version comes with 38 slots.  The wheel includes both 0 and 00.

Backtrack:  The outer rim of this roulette wheel where the ball rolls.

Ball:  It is a small spherical object used in the game of roulette.  This ball spins on the roulette wheel and then lands in one of the numbered slots.

Bankroll:  The amount of money intended to be used in the game.

Bet On the Layout:  Inside bet made on numbered parts of the roulette table.

Carr’:  It is a French term used for corner bet.

Cheval:  It is a French term used for split bet.

Colonne:  It is a French term used for a column bet.

Column Bet:  A bet covering all twelve numbers on the outside of board such as 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36.

Combination Bet:  A single bet which covers more than one number on the roulette table.

Corner Bet:  A bet made on the four numbers intersecting with each other.  This bet is a form of inside bet.

Croupier:  The person who is responsible for operating the roulette wheel and taking care of the game.

Double Zero Wheel:  A type of wheel used in American roulette.

Dozen Bet:  Another term used for Column bet.

En Plein: French term used for straight up bet.

En Prison Rule:  This rule is used for even money bet involving imprisonment of the bet for another spin if the ball lands into the zero numbered pocket. If ball again lands into the zero slot in the next spin, player forfeits his or her bet.

European Wheel:  The roulette wheel used in French or European Roulette.  This wheel only has one zero slot.

Even Money:  This type of bets pays in 1:1.

Even Odd Bet:  This is a form of outside bet and covers eighteen of the even or odd numbers provided on the roulette table.

La Partage Rule:  This is a type of even money bet.  In this form of bet if the ball lands on the zero slot, then the player tends to lose half of the bet amount instead of the whole bet.

History of Roulette

Roulette is considered to be one of the most popular wagering games for both online and land based casinos.  Even though it is one of the oldest casino games, yet the people’s attraction for this game does not seem to have taken a dive but on the contrary more and more players are enjoying playing Roulette.  In order to understand how Roulette became so popular and an essential part of gambling, one must go through the history of roulette to explore its origin and propagation all over the globe.  However, there are many theories and evidences related to ancient civilizations as well as modern times that relate to this game.   In order to learn more about the history of roulette, let us go through some of the curious cases related to this subject.

Role of Ancient Chinese Civilization

Many historians believe that the game of Roulette goes back to ancient Chinese civilization when it was played in the form of a board game which required arranging thirty seven different animal figurines.  This game involved a spinning wheel made up of stone which had animal figures instead of numeric symbols.  The most interesting thing related with this theory is that the middle of the spinning wheel had number 666 written over it.  This is the same number which we get by adding up the total numbers on a modern roulette wheel!

It is alleged that Dominican monks changed the animal figurines of the Chinese game with numeric numbers and propagated the new version throughout the Europe.

Roulette’s Roman Connection

Not only Chinese but Romans were also spinning the roulette wheel even when they were marching on to create the mighty Roman Empire.  Instead of using a stone wheel and a board with animal symbols, they opted for a simpler version that involved a shield and an arrow, which seems to be quite convenient as per their situation.

The game was played by drawing certain symbols inside the shield and then an arrow was placed next to it with its head pointing at the shield.  The soldiers made wagers on those symbols which they thought would stop at the head of the arrow.  Shield was made to rotate and the person whose symbol stopped at the arrow’s head was declared the winner.

All the Credit Goes to French

As the word Roulette is derived from the French language, so majority of the historians give credit of its birth to France.  The word “Roulette” literally means a little wheel.  Though the credit of invention of the French roulette, which is now a part of the three types of modern roulette, goes to Blaise Pascal but there are some instances that relate this game to already existing game of that era called “Roly Poly”.

Both Roulette and Roly Poly share a similarity in the form of a spinning wheel for the outcome of their results.  Blaise Pascal being an inveterate gambler was quite privy to this knowledge and he used it while designing his roulette wheel!

Roulette Goes International

In 1842, when gambling was declared illegal in France two young entrepreneurs named Francois and Louis Blanc decided to provide their services to casinos operating in other countries.  They were hired by the owner of the famous Monte Carlo casino for their expertise in gambling. They not only made roulette a part of the gambling circles but also attributed some changes which made it more worthwhile for the casinos.

French refugees also helped in expansion of this game as they brought it to their adopted countries across the world especially in the Asian and African colonies under their rule.  It is also attributed that Roulette reached shores of United States via these immigrants.  The initial version which was adopted by American casinos was the French one which only had one zero on its roulette wheel.  As the casino operators wanted more advantage in their own favour so they decided to create an Americanized version of this game which had an added double zero.

Roulette in Today’s Modern World

Today Roulette and its variants are an integral part of the online and land based casino games.  With the availability of the online version, a new trend has been seen in the rising popularity of this game as lots and lots of people are now enjoying Roulette.  Even though Roulette is a game of pure chance and luck but there are many theories and strategies which can help a player to have a better edge.  The ancient Chinese and Greeks enjoyed the excitement related to this game and this is the right time that you should share it too.

Roulette Wheel Manufacturers

If Poker is the king of card games then Roulette is certainly the queen of casino table games.  This game is a unique combination of odds, chances and a whole amount of luck.  The history of roulette goes back to the beginning of the eighteenth century and the roulette mechanism which we deal with today is a hybrid of the original gaming wheel invented during that period.  There is no major change in this game from the version that was played in 1796.

Today roulette can be differentiated into three categories or types which are as following.

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette

Even with these different types of this game, roulette wheels and balls are somewhat same for all these variants since the inception of the original game.  There are only a handful of roulette wheel manufacturers all over the globe which have the expertise to provide a product which adheres to the quality standards adopted by reputed land based casinos.  In order to better understand the game of roulette one must also be familiar with these roulette wheel manufacturers.

B.C. Wills and Co and Caro

During 1960s there were two companies which were solely responsible for providing quality roulette wheels to casinos.  One of them was B.C. Will and the other one was Caro.  While the former was based in United States the latter operated from France.   B.C. Wills manufactured household furniture along with quality roulette wheels.  Caro on the other hand specifically dealt with wheels designed for French roulette.

The roulette wheels manufactured by both B.C. Wills and Caro have the unique feature of deep pockets for the ball to slide in.

TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd.

TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of roulette wheels along with the other gambling paraphernalia.  This company is in service of its clients since 1979.  Along with style and craftsmanship associated with the product, the roulette wheels manufactured by this company also boast of several in built security features.  TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd. manufactures the most technically advanced roulette wheels.

The built in sensors provided in the roulette wheels, manufactured by this company, help in the diagnostics and collection of reports associated with winning numbers.  The “Drop Zone Detection” feature in its products collects non-random results and helps in detecting drop zone bias created due to inaccurate balancing, table movement and manipulation of the wheel.


More than eighty percent of the roulette wheels procured by casinos from all over the globe are supplied by Cammegh.  The roulette wheel manufactured by this company fulfils all the three requirements which are quality, security and integrity for being a perfect roulette wheel.

The assembly of roulette wheels include specialized “Scallop” separator rings and reader heads.  The bearings used in the wheels are made up of high tensile steel.  These bearings are machined and grounded to provide finest precision tolerance.

The quality of these components of roulette wheel is so high that they do not require any lubrication or maintenance.  Instead of getting corroded over a certain period of time, these roulette wheels start giving more improved spins with age thus making them more efficient and worthwhile.